Cockroaches Treatments

We treat every property with a specific step-by-step approach.

  • First we will conduct an inspection, ensuring that we have a good understanding of the treatment areas, cockroach harbourage or hiding areas (voids) and that if there are hazards present such as open food, pets or other issues, they are addressed prior to commencing.

  • Second, we treat the internal areas of the home. We only apply products to the areas that cockroaches are living and breeding, including cracks and crevices around the home, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas. Areas where food is stored and/or moisture is present.

In many cases, the roof void will need treatment. This is done, if possible with a machine designed to fill the entire space very quickly.

  • Third, wall cavities are an extremely important place to treat for cockroaches. This is a dark protected hiding space. Ideal for cockroaches. Once the wall cavities are treated, long term control will be gained as treatment inside will not be affected by external elements such as U.V light, water etc.

If the property has a sub-floor, (open area under the house) this is also treated. Areas below the house are a great area for cockroaches to live and breed.

  • Finally, we apply an external barrier treatment. This will act as a first line of defence for cockroaches that might attempt to crawl up to the external walls of your home. In order to get into your home, they have to pass over treated areas. This means they won’t get in without getting a lethal dose of tactically placed treatment.

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