German Cockroaches

German cockroach on keyboard

German cockroaches like your electronics

Although relatively small in size (approx. 12-16 mm), German Cockroaches can cause an enormous impact in both domestic and commercial situations. Not only are they unsightly to have around your premises (causing stress or anxiety), they also create unhealthy and unsanitary environments in food and food preparation areas.

German Cockroaches are heavily associated with contaminating food and food handling utensils. Their presence is often portrayed by their droppings, empty egg cases, cast-off skins and regurgitation marks (vomit).

German cockroach (pic. courtesy Jon Augier, Museum Victoria)

German cockroach (pic. courtesy Jon Augier, Museum Victoria)

In conjunction with such unsanitary conditions, German Cockroaches have been implicated in carrying disease competent organisms (bacteria, pathogens). Many of these organisms are carried on the legs and body of German Cockroaches.

Because of their rapid breeding lifecycle, German Cockroaches have the ability to populate areas in a short period of time (just a few weeks). German Cockroaches feed on various foods to survive. They conceal themselves extremely well in a wide range areas, like cracks and crevices, but especially around warm and moist environments.

German Cockroaches are at home concealing themselves in and around electrical appliances (i.e. microwave ovens, dishwashers, televisions, refrigerators).

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