Practical Pest Control Tips for Summer


With summer well under way, there are a number of things we can do around our home to minimise the impact of pests in our lives.

Pest control tips for your pets:

  • Fleas treatments:
    Make sure that your furry family members are all up to date with fleas treatments. If you’re not sure ask your local vet for advice.
  • Lawns:
    Keep you lawns cut short and make sure that you keep long grass back from the fence lines to avoid tick problems around your place.
  • Pet bedding:
    Wash pet bedding in hot water on a regular basis to keep fleas under control.
  • Tick checks:
    If you walk your pet, make sure you check them for ticks every time to come back (especially if you been wandering through bush or longer grass.
  • Pet Bowls:
    Don’t leave uneaten food in pet bowls. This encourages ants and rodents to hang around and maybe move in!

Pest control tips around the house and garden:

  • Eaves and Walls:
    Check eaves and brickwork for wasp nests and spiders. Be particularly cautious of redbacks. Make sure there are not large gaps (6mm or more) in the eaves leading up into the roof void – leaving a highway for rodents to find a new home.
  • Doorways and Windows:
    Make sure doors are well sealed to keep rodents out (not just the rainy weather). Pay special attention to garage doors and sheds – then commonly don’t close up all that well and rodents love these areas.
  • Bins:
    Keep bins away from the immediate vicinity of the home. Keep them as clean as possible and wash them out regularly. Keep them well sealed. They are source of flies and can encourage rodents.
  • Trees and Foliage:
    Foliage against the house can create a highway for ants, rodents, spiders and termites. Make sure that bushes and shrubs are kept well away from the walls. Trim off any tree branches that overhang the roof and gutters.
  • Swings, outdoor furniture and fence lines:
    Look out for redbacks. If you discover them you can attempt to remove them yourself (don’t get bitten) and take down the webs and egg sacks. If you’re not sure – call us for help.
  • Standing water and water containers:
    Make sure that water containers are emptied. This includes pot plant reservoirs. Any container that holds water (where levels rise and fall) will encourage mosquitoes to breed. Keep an eye out for drains that hold puddles, car tyres and old buckets that everyone forgets about.
  • Screens:
    Make sure that your home is properly screened. This will keep invasion from cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes to minimal levels since they all love to fly inside to explore and find new ‘digs’.

Got more pest control questions or need some help?

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